Top 5 IT Help Desks Of Customer Service Software For Building

Top 5 IT Help Desks Of Customer Service Software For Building

A Single Customer Support Center

Help Desk – systems are for automating the work of the support service. They allow you to organize effective work of a single customer service center and automate the processing of client requests.

The priority task of any business, regardless of size or industry, is continuous development in the conditions of dynamic changes in the business environment. This makes the company look more closely into its business processes and support changes in them with Customer service software .

5 IT Help Desks for effective single service center. Customer service software

The implementation of Help Desk allows better control over the work of specialists, facilitates the penetration of the service approach’s culture into the ranks of IT staff and helps to more accurately assess the quality of service delivery and department productivity.

  1. bpm’online service

A cloud system for the organization of a single customer service center and internal business users, taking into account the recommendations of the ITIL library. Organization Help Desk on the platform, bpm’online service allows you to build effective interaction with both external customers and with the company’s units due to the functionality of process automation.

Features of the system:

  • A single database of consumers of the service, including customers and employees of business units. The database stores all information about customers: the history of appeals, contacts, addresses, and so on. Customer service software automatically adds information about customers from open sources and social networks.
  • Ability to organize omniscient customer service. The system is integrated with postal services, telephony, self-service portal, messengers.
  • A wide range of tools for managing problems and known errors – from identification and classification to diagnostics, closure and analytics.
  1. IntraService

This online Help Desk-system is for automation of accounting and processing of user applications. Customer service software is compatible with ITIL and SaaS.

Features of the system:

  • Standardization of work with applications and incidents, operational control of their implementation, accounting of labor costs and formation of reports.
  • Reception and processing of applications received by mail and phone
  1. Omnidesk

An online system for customer support, which allows processing requests and invoices in the multichannel mode. Service supports integration with Twitter, VK, Skype, Viber and Facebook, as well as email and the company’s website.

Features of the system:

  • Includes a client forum where customers can leave complaints and suggestions; a personal cabinet, where the client can monitor the status of the implementation of his appeal.
  • Search for customers on the main page of the support center.
  1. Zendesk

Cloud Help Desk service with a very simple interface. There is a functional for creating a self-service community of customers. The system integrates with a lot of popular online services.

Features of the system:

  • There is a built-in chat for client support, integration with VK.
  • Knowledge base for support staff, where templates of documents, scripts, answers to frequently asked questions, other useful materials are stored.
  1. TeamDesk

A convenient ticketing system for employees of the customer support service. The service allows you to automatically distribute customer requests between managers, change ticket statuses, add hidden comments to colleagues.

Features of the system:

  • It is possible to use macros to automate the operation of the support service.
  • Includes a knowledge base that reduces the number of calls through self-service.

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