The Architect and Contractors Formula – Advantages and Disadvantages

The Architect and Contractors Formula – Advantages and Disadvantages

Famous architects like Lee Adam Harryman have managed to establish themselves at the very top of their profession. He serves as the head of the CPG Corporation and has become one of the most influential figures in the industry. The man has worked on famous buildings like the Qatar Airport and has focused on the development of various skyscrapers. He even played a role in the development of the Changi Airport. The architect and contractors formula has been a topic of debate for many years. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this formula.


– First, the architect can choose contractors whom he knows personally and in whom he has complete confidence. Nevertheless, it is better to learn about the references for each subcontractor.

– Secondly, the architect is not bound by imposed standard plans.

– Third, he or she can make changes during construction.

Nevertheless, these must be recorded by the contractor and previously agreed with the architect.

Indeed, the flexibility of this formula is related to the ability to discuss directly with each contractor.

– Fourth, it gives the opportunity to different companies to express their creativity and know-how more.

In short, after self-built construction, this formula is the least expensive.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to make an estimate of the necessary budget, because more work is done to measure and their cost can only be evaluated after taking measurements.


– The “architect and contractors” formula, you need real talent as an organizer, coordinator, negotiator and a lot of diplomacies.

It’s difficult to manage everything on your own. It’s one of the biggest difficulties that many people face when they start work on their own.

If one of the companies starts work late, its agenda-planning will be changed and that of the entrepreneur who takes over. So, you have to face slowdowns and extra charges.

Therefore, it is recommended to provide a reasonable construction time and to specify precisely in each contract and agreement the date of the start of the work. However, delays might arise nonetheless based on a variety of factors. For instance, if certain materials are not available, work might be delayed.

Eventually, it is necessary to ask for a little leeway but make sure that it’s as short as possible. An example: work will begin during the last week of month X. If work is delayed for too long, it could affect the profitability of the project. Famous architects like Lee Adam Harryman are renowned mainly because they take their deadlines very seriously.

It is also important to include in the contract the amount to be paid by the contractor as compensation per day of delay if the deadline is not respected as was originally decided between you and the architect. Overall, it’s a wise idea to hire an architect for the work. Architects have experience and can do the job without taking much of your time. Moreover, you will have someone that you can talk to; a central point of focus.

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