Making Money Trading Bitcoins

Making Money Trading Bitcoins

To become a Bitcoin expert, the first step is to know how it functions. It’s a cryptocurrency with impressive qualities and benefits: Bitcoin is secure, encrypted, and decentralized.

Bitcoin is a decentralized and anonymous payment network, with open source and irreversible payments. Not to complicate with technical things, Bitcoin works in the same way as conventional money, but with many more benefits.

It is a system that serves to trace payments for products or services, in an anonymous way, without intermediaries and directly. Without more, it is the currency of the future.

  1. Mining and selling

It is the most inaccessible method to earn money using Bitcoins, keeping in mind the complexity of blockchain. The high costs of systems dedicated to these tasks make Bitcoin mining an unattainable discipline for many people.

Even the rewards for mining Bitcoins can be very promising.

Cryptocurrency mining works as follows: A program on your computer uses your graphics processor to solve very complex problems that the Bitcoin network supplies.

If your computer system solves this problem and gives a clear proof of work, the Bitcoin network rewards you with a percentage of its earnings.

Repeating this process successively, you can get Bitcoins. But there is something negative about this method: more and more people are mining, and the more people mine, the harder it will be to solve these problems.

So, mining can be difficult but once you have Bitcoins, the next step is to sell to a reliable exchange platform.

  1. Reselling

Another very interesting option is to receive payments in Bitcoins for your products or services.

The Bitcoin network and protocol allow you to receive encrypted payments.

To collect your services or products in cryptocurrency you will need to have a payment platform backed by blockchain technology.

Some of the services you can use to receive Bitcoin payments on your website:

  • Bitpayments
  • Coinpayments

These will help you collect Bitcoins on your website, and also allow you to convert your currencies at a real market rate. You can also have a Bitcoin address, which consists of a 16-digit code with which you can receive payments being anywhere.

  1. Trading

If you have reached this point, it is because you are looking for the best way to earn money with Bitcoin without making much effort.

You can also trade Bitcoins by using ‘Perfect Money.’ It is a platform of digital payments which allows you to go cashless completely. The Swiss-based company allows you to make inbound and outbound transactions online on an array of platforms. It also lets you buy cryptocurrencies and other currencies like the US Dollar.

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