Is your Business Using the Power of SERVICE 4.0

No matter what kind of business you run or operate, customer service is always going to be a critical concern. Large or high-priced firms may have the ability to offer round-the-clock customer service and support, but many smaller businesses can only offer customer service during regular business hours. While the internet offers the opportunity for many customers to take care of basic needs at a time that is convenient for them, many customers still have complex needs or concerns that require actual problem solving skills.

In addition, some customers simply prefer actually talking to a live voice as opposed to having to navigate through complex online menus. This is where Service 4.0 comes in. Service 4.0 is the next wave of AI chatbots that can do far more than just chat. They can schedule appointments, provide detailed instructions and even change or activate services. Here are 3 ways Service 4.0 is poised to revolutionize customer service and how your business can benefit.

1. Product knowledge

One way that businesses currently handle customer service demands is by hiring a firm that offers customer support for a number of different businesses. A representative may help a customer for a lawn care business one minute and a law firm the next. The problem comes when a customer has a very specific question about a product or service the business offers.

Generally, the customer service agent can’t answer specific questions, because they only have access to a limited amount of information about the business. Service 4.0, however, is connected. Not only can it quickly search through thousands of documents for keywords that tell it how to respond, but it can be quickly updated when there are any changes to product lines or services. This will give Service 4.0 access to an unprecedented amount of information with which to answer your client’s most detailed questions.

2. Automatically adapts to the needs of the customer

Currently in the US, if an individual calls a customer service support line, at best they may be given options to access support in English or Spanish. Imagine, however, a single customer support line that can assist customers in English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Greek, Russian or dozens of other languages. With Service 4.0, you don’t have to hire a giant customer support team to be able to assist customers in any language, including some of the most obscure languages on the planet.

In addition to languages, Service 2.0 can even imitate regional dialects. A customer from the South may trigger a customer support program with a southern accent or an Australian customer may trigger a support program that uses idioms and other linguistic references typical to Australia. With Service 2.0 customers may never have any idea they are not speaking to a real person.

3. Save human support for only the most critical calls

Eventually, some customers will have needs that are greater than those that even the most intelligent AI can handle. This is no different, however, than when customer service or support staff needs to hand calls off to a supervisor. Instead of having a customer service or support staff of 20 or more representatives, you can have a single program that can handle up to 20 callers at the same time, and an advanced support staff of 5 or fewer that can handle the calls needing more than what Service 4.0 can offer.

While some businesses can go even further in leveraging the power of Service 4.0, it offers applications for almost every type of business. From booking salon appointments to advising on IT issues, Service 4.0 is poised to offer a comprehensive, low-cost customer service solution for almost every type and size of business.

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