How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Last year has been a spectacular year in terms of digital media as now surviving without a website can be next to impossible. It is a well-known fact that now consumers will first run a quick search on their phones before they invest in any new brand. If you do not have a good quality website with rich content and images, your end user will choose another brand. In a nutshell, your website is basically the face of your company. Furthermore, since the inception of e-commerce now businesses have the unique ability to provide services and products to consumers without any physical interaction at all.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers are all about convenience and will do anything to save time. E-commerce websites have completely changed the digital landscape and have created a platform for businesses to generate revenue with minimum costs. However, simply having a basic website will not get you anywhere as websites have now become extremely dynamic in nature. There is a plethora of components present in a website which help drive traffic. If these are overlooked, then users will immediately bounce to a different website.

Furthermore, these websites will not be able to generate any organic traffic which will take a huge toll on their conversion rates. To help businesses solve this dilemma we have articulated a list of the most important components of a website which can help generate high organic traffic.


The first impression is the last impression so make sure you have an interactive design. Your users will never want to navigate through a boring website or a page with a disorganized structure. Focus on creating a seamless design which will instantly engage your users.


Another crucial component which will help increase traffic is investing in SEO strategies. There are many companies out there which offer SEO services such as Scott Keever SEO. This company was founded in 2015 and they offer advertising, internet marketing and website designs. These services are designed to help enhance your digital footprint and every aspect of your website. Most of the digital marketing trends have been defined by these SEO services.

Loading Speed

This will obviously be the responsibility of your developing team. If your website takes ages to load this will completely overshadow any other attempt you might make to increase traffic. Put yourself in the user’s shoes, would you prefer waiting for a website to load or just simply choose a faster one? The answer is simple. Furthermore, websites with poor loading speeds will never rank high with search engines such as Google.

Analytical Tools

Finally, the last aspect of your website which can help you boost traffic is the use of analytical tools. These tools will evaluate the performance of your website and will highlight the different components which are falling short or underperforming.

If you focus on the aforementioned factors, there is no doubt that your website will immediately start to generate more traffic.

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