Hapac® Makes Cannabis Combustion A Distant Memory

hapac® Makes Cannabis Combustion a Distant Memory

Dry herb vaporizers look like electronic cigarettes, though a little bulkier. They are a perfect fit for the pocket and are also powered by a rechargeable battery, usually a USB. The cannabis, which must be finely chopped, is poured into a small cavity and exposed to a flow of hot air that vaporizes the molecules of cannabis. Its temperature ranges from 150 to 200 degrees (adjustable with buttons or via a mobile app on some models with Bluetooth), never beyond because cellulose, the main component of plants, burns to 230 degrees. A lot of models have an LCD screen and buttons to choose the temperature.

However, hapac® consists of pre-ground cannabis that’s put in filter sachets and can be used for vaping. These sachets allow the cannabis to be heated gently, which creates an inhalable vapor. Unlike other products in the market, there’s no burning, no cannabis is wasted, and toxicants and odor are drastically reduced.

How do you describe the sensation? This is the smell of fresh cannabis found in the mouth. These substances are mainly vaporized between 150 and 180 degrees.

From 180 to 200 degrees are vaporized cannabinoids, active substances of the plant. The aromas are then more discreet, and the steam denser, which generally appeals to smokers. There are various flavored ones available as well, so if you are looking for unique tasting aromas in your mouth while getting high, this is a great option.

The most demanding users will turn to indoor vaporizers. We tested ones with hapac®, and they were excellent. Initially designed for casual vaping use, the device has become incredibly popular, and Liberty Herbal, the company behind the technology, has already set up plants in Italy where it is being produced today.

After a couple of weeks with these devices, the combustion is only a memory. Between the purchase of cigarettes, leaves, the smell of burning, clothing that smells like tobacco, or the ashtray to be emptied, we quickly prefer the vaporizer, which offers an incomparable taste and whose vapor dissipates in a few minutes indoors without leaving a trace. It offers a number of advantages that you don’t get with conventional smoking. If you want the best experience when vaping with cannabis, you can’t go wrong if you choose hapac® as your primary choice.

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