Care For Your Computer

If you’re like most people, you use your computer for a lot. For everything from setting up a new bank account to reaching out to your friends, your computer is your most valuable tool. You may use it to play games, gamble, or watch videos. You can perform simple tasks from your phone or your tablet, but when it comes to really getting things done, nothing beats your desktop or laptop computer.

And its price reflects that. New laptops and desktops aren’t cheap! Laptops have gotten much lighter and much more powerful, but not a whole lot cheaper. Desktops, while cheaper now than they have been in the past, are still at least a hundred or two for the cheapest models – and if you’re investing in a desktop, there’s a good chance that you’re trying to build a powerful computer for gaming or processor-intensive work, in which case you could end up paying thousands.

So you would think that it would go without saying that computer care is important. Yet most people are pretty reckless with their expensive machines! Here’s how not to be.

Easy does it

For laptop users especially, how you handle your computer is important. Too many people toss their machines around, slip them into unprotected bags without cases, and yank their cords from the walls when they’re finished working. Don’t do this! While there are fewer moving parts in some laptops these days, there are still mechanical aspects of your computer’s inner workings that don’t enjoy being kicked around. And you should also be wary of damaging your computer’s screen or the wires inside of cords.

Invest in a decent laptop case. You can get a padded shoulder bag, or you can just get a padded sleeve that will protect your laptop in any bag. Handle your laptop carefully (pretend it’s brand new!) and always unplug it by pulling the plug, not the cord. The same goes for other wires, such as those that may connect your mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals to your desktop.

Your computer room

If you have a desktop, then your computer is going to be sitting still for long periods of time between moves. Even if you have a laptop, you likely keep it in one spot a lot of the time. Go take a look at the place where your computers live. What is it like?

Computers like clean spaces. They run faster when cool, so very hot rooms are no good. And your computer room should be dry, too – if there’s mold on your walls, there’s a good chance that there’s condensation inside of your computer, too, which is bad news (and that mold is very bad news – call a mold remediation specialist right away).

So keep your computers somewhere dry, clean the room (and the computers) regularly, and, for optimal performance, keep the room at a cool and comfortable temperature.

Stay safe online

There are plenty of dangers online, and not just to you and your finances. Your computer is also at risk, because malware and viruses are everywhere.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to stay safe. Stay away from nasty sites with lots of pop-ups and shady appearances. You can find reliable websites of all types, so don’t worry about your hobbies – it’s easy to stay safe gambling online, for instance. Each online industry has big-time sites that are reputable and trustworthy, and each one also has small-time operations with shady vibes and potential threats. Trust your instincts.

You should also, of course, never download anything illegally! You don’t know if that’s really the new Jay-Z album – it could just as easily be a virus. Similarly, never trust attachments on emails from people you don’t know (or even on emails from people you do know, if the email seems odd to you).

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