Aligning Cloud Services With Business Goals Of Client – Tips To Accomplish Your Objectives

There are several organisations which remain puzzled about how they could integrate cloud computing with their business objectives. This in turn creates an opportunity for the cloud service providers to step in and lend their helping hand. Gradually many businesses have taken their initial baby steps of moving their workloads to the cloud to wondering about the systems which they should move off further but majority of them are still battling with aligning the cloud computing technology with their business strategies.

As per a recent survey done by cloud computing service providing firms like TIG, only 36% of C-level employees have coordinated cloud computing with their business strategies in spite of the fact that 95% of them have already had a 5-year old cloud strategy in place. Due to the rapid growth in adoption of cloud strategies, analysts say that enterprises can’t afford to maintain separate strategies.

Cloud computing game plan – How can cloud providers make the connection

Ability of the clients to coordinate their business initiatives with cloud techniques is already on board and the extent of coordination depends on how close and strategic the relationship is among the executives, IT and line-of-business people. Moving your business to the cloud is a process which is constantly evolving and as there are several ways of approaching this transformation to the cloud, it is often tough for the executives and the business people to trust the vision for cloud that is set by IT.

When alignment is done perfectly, it enhances deftness and lets businesses to perform things faster and set priorities about their main focus on cloud efforts. If you’re wondering about what it takes to create that ‘big’ difference, then it’s having a well-proof plan, executing it to meet your objectives and letting them nail down the way you could utilize cloud providers and concentrate on the remaining parts of your business.

Tackling the emerging skills gap within IT functions

According to a study by Accenture, it was seen that there was a dearth of cloud competencies and an IT skill gap which was looming large. 78% of C-level respondents of the survey reported that their IT organization might suffer from an inadequacy of skills which are usually required. Addressing the business organizations which are new to cloud, their IT employees might not be acquainted with the cloud market to make informed and measured decisions. Hence they should adequately train their staff so that they can soon participate in the process.

If you hire cloud service providers, they can help you in bridging this knowledge gap by working as a team with the IT employees and the C-suite to end up choosing the appropriate cloud solution which meets the business’ unique needs. There’s a list of skills which lie missing within an IT organization and other lacking skills are associated with network connectivity and performance around the way in which different systems coordinate and work together.

As per the survey, the dearth of integration between cloud computing strategies and businesses was one among the most alarming findings of the survey. By aligning your business’ cloud and business strategies and integrating IT directly in cloud decision-making, companies can position in a better way to the cloud in this economy.

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