5 Signs That Indicate It’s A Great Time To Invest In Condos Downtown Toronto

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Toronto is the most progressive city in Canada. With a large population of approximately 7.7 million, its careful management and effective development do not make the city crowded at all. It is one of the world’s biggest multicultural and cosmopolitan cities. Toronto houses Canada’s stock market and central business districts making it the initial choice of residence for many young professionals, business owners, and students.

It’s a great time to invest in condos downtown Toronto. With plenty of contractors competing against each other, the prices are low enough to afford but high in appraisal value. Here are five reasons to invest today.

Property Appraisals Are Still Skyrocketing

Condos downtown Toronto’s local data shows that average prizes in 2016 have increased by 18% in 2017. This is a great signifier of a consistently earning property even without any tenants. Given the progressive developments in the city, the condos continue to increase in value as demand continues to skyrocket from the population.

While the media mentions that Toronto’s real-estate market is imploding, it is only a natural market reaction to the growing number of contractors creating condominiums to satiate the mass demand. There is no bubble because the demand for affordable living quarters is increasing.

A Great Alternative to Toronto Houses

Toronto homeowners sell their houses because:

  • The media’s experts believe the market is failing
  • They find the house upkeep too expensive
  • Homeowners want to take advantage of the market prices.

House prices in Toronto are quite expensive but selling one is enough to get you condos downtown Toronto. The best thing about condominiums is you won’t need to worry about anything. Just secure engineering permits and you can have staff remodel your property. In addition, the condominium administration is in charge of your security, too!

Great Resale Value All The Time

Property demand in Toronto is skyrocketing. With more rural populations of the country moving into cities, that demand is unlikely to change in the next few decades. This gives you a guarantee that your property’s prices will not fall anytime soon.

However, it would be wise to take advantage of the situation. While the prices for Toronto properties are increasing, save up and jump on the train. You can let your own condo or you can keep it until you can re-sell it for a higher value later.

Low Vacancy Rates

Toronto houses Canada’s best businesses, colleges, and other facilities. However, with houses too expensive for anyone to afford, condominiums are a better and more affordable option for many movers from rural areas and other cities. If you plan to let your property, you’ll find no shortage of tenants given the low vacancy rates in the city.

Many will want to have a house initially. Provided they see the market’s housing prices, they would likely reconsider and look for a home alternative in the form of an affordable condo in downtown Toronto.

Continuous City Development

As mentioned earlier, Toronto is a progressive city. As Canada’s capital, it would only continue to improve in the years to come. Business establishments and significant market-changing events will always happen in the capital. Therefore, any property within the city will continue to hold its high resale value for decades.


The capital city of Canada is the heart of the entire country. With developments in infrastructure, economy, and education happening consistently in line with the local government’s programmes, Toronto is a city that would only see economic growth in the coming years. Investing in its real estate market gives you a guarantee that your properties will continue only to grow for decades.

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