5 Reasons to Implement a Sales Force Automation System

Sales force automation systems are widely used for the purpose of increasing sales rates, reducing the sales cycle duration, and improving revenue. According to the research conducted by Aberdeen Group, the companies adopted SFA noted 27% increase of their average volume of sales. Besides, their sales cycles became 16% shorter and the time-to-quota was cut by 15%. The specialists of Aberdeen Group announced that the software of the kind let businesses increase their clients’ buying power by 26%. At the same time, the sales administrative time of such companies was reduced by 14%.

One of the most popular sales force automation systems is bpm’online platform of CRM. This software is an integrated tool aimed at gradual connection of the dots between the company focus areas. It consolidates marketing, sales, and service, so that the business gets a perfect opportunity to develop and grow. You can read about bpm’online on https://www.bpmonline.com/crm/sales-force-automation. Here, you will also find the free version of this software, while the company’s representatives are ready to answer all the visitors’ questions in an online mode.

Why Businesses Implement Sales Force Automation Systems

The SFA systems are used by both medium-size businesses and large companies offering clients hundreds of global products. SFA systems are aimed at automation of routine daily tasks, which as a rule, consumes much time and effort of sales reps. Such platforms unite fragmented customer information, help salesmanagers cope with the expanding client base, combat increased competition, make sales cycles much shorter, and perform a number of other operations. Their key aim is to release members of sales departments from tedious backstage work and let them do what they do best, i.e. sell the company’s products and services.

Let us have a look at the five most important reasons why businesses apply to sales force automation systems:

The SFA software saves your time

Such platforms help salesmanagers complete their daily tasks much faster and easier. Using SFA systems they can schedule their sales appointments, send emails, keep track of consumers, and update sale opportunities without extra effort. Besides, the platforms like bpm’online are aimed at quick generation of estimates, so that members of sales departments could rapidly turn their estimates into proposals, quotes and, finally, clients’ orders. One more way to save time by means of a sales force automation system is to use the immediate access to order data. If a client asks a manager about his order, the latter can handle a situation with ease, as he has free access to the database.

Such platforms help businesses improve their customer service

No matter how hard a company works, sometimes it receives complaints or questions about certain orders. Using SFA solutions, the customer support agents can easily create a centralized repository of each buyer’s data. Actually, these repositories are the indispensable parts of most sales force automation systems: they become components of CRM systems and minimize the possibility of consumers’ dissatisfaction. Besides, such tools let new reps adjust to the new workplace without extra efforts – they simply use the ready database with all necessary indicators and notes.

SFA software increases company’s revenue

Such platforms let salespersons devote less time to day-to-day mundane tasks, therefore they get an opportunity to make more sales calls and meet with the prospective and existing clients in person. The more prospects sales reps manage to reach, the higher corporate earnings will be. One more advantage of SFA software is that it lets sales managers monitor clients’ accounts to determine the most profitable customers. Using this data, the members of your sales department can develop targeted offers for the chosen consumers based on their purchasing history.

Sales force automation system is an excellent tool for opportunity management

Such systems include, as a rule, a number of competitive intelligence functions. They offer companies a perfect opportunity to monitor their rivals’ work, notice competitive threats and find out opportunities. Besides, SFA platforms have the tools, which let sales managers track potential buyers, as well as their key activities, interests and possible matches between their needs and the company’s offers. These are not simple databases – these are multi-level systems, which can analyze the productivity of every email, phone call or visit.

SFA systems are helpful for management of sales teams

First, such a software saves the managers the necessity to keep count of every salesperson’s activity. They do not need to look through sales-call sheets, clients’ letters, or voice recordings. All the data they may need – salespersons’ results, opportunities, buyers’ complaints, and so on – is always at their fingertips. Second, sales force automation systems help the managers develop the territories of sales reps. Such platforms can be integrated with mapping applications, as well as websites, which provide high accuracy all over the world.

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