10 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

10 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

What trends in consumer behavior, technology and marketing will change the market in 2020? Leading marketers and advertising specialists from Google, entrepreneurs share their predictions about what will be the focus of attention at the beginning of the new decade.

Short Videos

Most of the people of this generation dreams to become the star of TikTok, a social network for publishing short videos. The growing popularity of such applications makes it clear how users will interact with content in the near future and what they will be attracted to it – authenticity, fun, creativity and conciseness. How can marketers keep the attention of constantly switching users?

It is necessary to revise the current approach to creating advertising stories. To increase user engagement and direct them to conversion, you need to choose shorter advertising formats, as well as personalize content using machine learning technologies.

Another important and an effective way to enhance brand awareness of to promote a company website, many entrepreneurs suggest to get a page on Wikipedia. They reveal the secret of their success. Most of them hired Wikipedia page creation services to get renowned all over the world.

Voice Assistants

Next year, users will interact more actively with voice assistants. By the end of 2020, the number of people who will do this not only to check time or send letters, but also to solve more complex problems, will exceed 1.6 billion.

Consumers are already starting to shape the voice economy in which home voice assistants will play an increasingly important role. The ability to instantly respond to the emotions and desires of consumers will help brands find new effective ways to interact with them.

Digital Transformation

Technology has changed our lives beyond recognition. Today, we expect from any product or service that previously only premium brands could provide us. The transition to digital marketing is the key to the success of modern companies, the importance of which will only increase next year.

Inclusive Marketing

It is no longer enough for modern consumers to receive only product information from brands. They want to know how companies relate to issues important to society and how they contribute to their solution. Next year, interest in brands’ positions on issues such as cultural diversity, inclusiveness, climate change and the environment will only increase.

As mentioned above, many entrepreneurs strive to get page on Wikipedia to enhance their company awareness and to appear on search engines results. Since the task of creating a Wikipedia page is full of difficulties and requires an expert approach, there are many Wikipedia page creation services out there to whom you can hire in order to save time and efforts.

Mobile Interfaces

In 2020, users will rely on convenient interaction with brands through any channels, including mobile devices. In the meantime, conversion rates for smartphones and tablets are inferior to those for computers. Here are some ways to fix this situation:

  • Invest in new technologies.
  • Consider different search strategies of consumers.
  • Use advanced analytics methods to more accurately track your purchase paths.
  • Use automatic bidding to maximize performance.

Transparency to Consumers

Consumers will not be very upset if even three-quarters of all brands disappear from the market tomorrow. Therefore, companies who want to stand out among competitors in 2020 should honestly talk about their role in society and how they plan to become better.

Mass Personalization

The time is coming when machine learning will change marketing beyond recognition. Already today it helps us to better understand users’ buying paths, increase their engagement and make key moments of interaction more valuable. Therefore, marketers have more opportunities to analyze user behavior and mass personalization.

Search Visualization

A good combination of text and images can produce amazing results. In 2020, marketers will continue to experiment with search visualization to provide marketers and advertisers with new opportunities to develop in the era of visual content.

Data-driven Marketing

To achieve business goals, marketers will increasingly use machine learning and automation. Although in the past, rule-based marketing campaigns provided good results, in the modern world their effectiveness is reduced. And consumers get used to the fact that advertising messages correspond to their individual needs.

Creative Campaigns

Have you ever seen one of the first TV commercials in the world? It was a radio ad, complemented by an image. The story repeats itself that today, advertising on the Internet still looks like a stripped-down TV movie. However, those who are more creative in campaigning are more likely to get better results.


Therefore, in 2020, a lot of attention will be paid to creative strategies that take into account consumer data. Such strategies are more flexible and have more opportunities for analytics, and also leave more space for creativity.

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